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5 tips to get cleaning done fast


Speed cleaning is the only solution when you have a hectic schedule and you barely have time to sleep. Especially if you don’t master the skills of being efficient, you could use a list of tips that might get you started. This way, you remove all dirt from your house and leave a spotlessly clean environment instead.

  1. Make a daily routine

Getting up in the morning and jumping into the shower just in time to get to work is not an ideal situation. You should organize your time in advance and make sure you stick to your basic routines. For instance, set up the alarm, make the bed, wash, get dressed, and prepare the laundry. If you do these step by step you’ll eventually keep your house clean and tidy.


  1.  Stay focused

Procrastination is a worldwide disease that spreads rapidly among human beings. There is a cure and that requires you to stay focused, no matter how difficult or strenuous your efforts might be.

Even though it’s easier for most of us to get carried away when starting to clean the house, if you take a break for more than 15 minutes you can consider the day lost. It’s best to set a short timer for each task because you avoid getting distracted throughout the process.


  1. Keep the cleaning supplies nearby

This is a major issue for everyone that has ever tried to get the cleaning done in a short amount of time. If you have to run downstairs in order to get the cleaning supplies that you need you might find some clothes left on the floor or some towels dirty in the bathroom.

In just a few seconds, you forget about cleaning in the first place because the phone rings or your social media account sends you notifications. You can avoid this by placing at least one cleaner in every corner of your house or at least in each bathroom.

  1.  Clean on the go

It’s a known fact that maintaining an area clean is way easier than actually doing the cleaning. Plus, you win precious time until a major operation that involves turning the entire house upside down.

There are certain aspects that you can strive to get them into your daily routine until they become your second nature. For example, wiping out the sink right after you brush your teeth. Or, throwing all the laundry in the wash before you start making breakfast and coffee. If you soak the pots and pans immediately after cooking you’ll spend less time trying to remove the dried food.


  1. Use a logical order

Just like with any type of project, cleaning an entire house needs a plan. If you want to get an entire room cleaned from top to bottom, think of a logical order that allows you to complete each task. Do the vacuum and then put everything back in order.

As far as the kitchen area goes, start by wiping down the appliances and counters, and then finish by mopping the floors. Always do the floors last so you can leave the room and let it dry.




How to get rid of toilet bowl stains


Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to get rid of stubborn toilet bowl stains when you clean your bathroom. Because hard water can build up in the toilet bowl and make unsightly stains appear, you will experience a hard time trying to clean such spots. Unlike other areas in your bathroom that you can keep dry, like faucets, toilet bowls are constantly in contact with water.

Although there are plenty of options available on the market, not all of them are effective. What’s more important, their strong chemicals can be hazardous to your health, which means that you need to look into other alternatives. These are some ideas for you to try.

Dissolving hard water stains with baking soda and vinegar

These two substances are often used to get rid of tough spots around the house, such as stoves, and cooking appliances, but they are particularly useful in the bathroom as well. The following recipe is easy to apply, and you will be able to dissolve the hard water stains with much more efficiency than before.

First, spray about one cup of vinegar in the toilet bowl. Use a toilet brush to cover the surface well. Let the vinegar there for about one minute, and next pour one cup of baking soda over it. Follow with two cups of vinegar, and let the two substances react.

After about 10 minutes, spread the mixture around the bowl with a toilet brush. Let it sit again, and after a while, scrub what was not dissolved and flush.


Bleach is a power agent you can try

Keep in mind that bleach is quite powerful and it can eliminate fumes that are unhealthy when inhaled. That is why this recommendation requires extra care when manipulating bleach. Because it can go through almost any type of stain, it is highly advised for use when cleaning tough stains.

Use bleach powder instead of liquid bleach, because it will not start eliminating fumes as fast. You just need to drop about one cup in the toilet bowl, spread it around with the help of a brush, and let it action for two hours. Flush, and be mesmerized at how clean the toilet bowl looks like now.

A natural solution: lemon juice

Many people are not particularly crazy about manipulating harsh chemicals. Natural solutions are readily available, and this is something you may try. Lemon juice can be very effective at making stains disappear, because of its acidic nature. This is how you should apply it.

Do not make lemon juice, but cut a lemon in half and rub it on the stained areas. In case you notice that the spots remain, try a mixture of lemon juice and borax. This should sit for a few hours, to dissolve the stubborn stains.




Should you choose a corded or a cordless electric broom?

When I moved out of my parents’ place about five years ago, I got a small apartment all for myself. The plan was great, in the beginning, and that’s because I was extremely excited to live on my own and even afford a place without needing a roommate. The problem was that the apartment wasn’t particularly clean or beautiful and now that I think back to those times, I should’ve probably chosen a bit better.

The man who owned the place had little to no intention to make any improvements. He didn’t let me use his vacuum cleaner even though he lived in the same building. He grudgingly agreed to purchase a washing machine just because I was desperate and I had already gotten a job, and it was too tedious for me to go to the Laundromat every two evenings or so. I was too tired to get out of bed once I walked into the apartment.


I’m starting with this story because I want to make a point. I followed the advice of a friend and got a bulky canister vacuum because that model was supposed to be better than all the others I was considering. I hated the thing right after I set my eyes on it. It was a heavy, ugly, and noisy machine that didn’t do too much in terms of sucking the cat hair out of the carpets. It took me some time to get used to the idea that this product wasn’t usable for me, so I got rid of it and sold it for half price.


Given that the place I was living in was rather small, I soon enough reached the conclusion that what I truly needed was the best cordless electric broom. I didn’t even make a big mess especially as I was out most of the day. The rooms where I really needed the services of a stick vacuum were the kitchen, the hallway, and the bathroom. My room wasn’t particularly demanding in this sense because I had bare floors.

I settled for the Electrolux Ergorapido. Although it’s not nearly as cheap as other models, it is a 2-in-1 stick vacuum in that it converts to a handheld one that can be used in the car, for instance. That wasn’t my plan, though. I wanted to use the smaller, detachable vacuum to reach spots like my countertop. The battery lasts for just twenty minutes which might not be enough for people who want to clean the floors of their entire house. However, it was just what I needed, and I got it at the right time.


The key takeaway from this post is that you should always look at your habits, requirements, and preferences before deciding to spend over one hundred bucks on any appliance or cleaning device or machine. A canister vacuum was the wrong choice for me, but it might not be for others.